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    A short post today. We thought others who do what we do can sympathise……

Uncategorized Vu 15 Aug 2008 35 Comments

Server upgrade and new site launch

It’s been a (very) busy past week for us.

We’ve just completed an upgrade for some of our client’s accounts, moving them to a bigger and faster server. It didn’t go quite as planned (and one or two sleepless nights later) all has been fixed.

Something that I wanted to share with everyone though is a recent site that we’ve launched with the Leukaemia Foundation and it’s called Team Revive.¬† It’s a network for young adults with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders (family and friends included) to share stories and talk. If that’s relevant to you then please join in and help make it a success.

Interesting & Web Design & Glass Obelisk Andrew 29 Jul 2008 13 Comments

Free icon pack

Function free icons

This has to be my current favourite icon set. It’s just beautiful, and it’s such a shame that it’s not available in vector form (just 48×48 PNGs). Follow the jump to see the whole pack. Continue Reading »

Images Andrew 14 Jul 2008 58 Comments

Finally a Dropbox invite

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was getting impatient waiting for my Dropbox invite to arrive. Well I’m pleased to inform everyone that it has arrived! I was/am very excited, and have spent a fair bit of time today experimenting with it.

Get Dropbox

I’ll quickly go through what I think about it…

In short, it’s a really awesome system. It is fast, intuitive and it does its job very well. I have to congratulate the people behind it for making a really nice application which, though not yet totally polished or feature-complete, is already indispensable.

After install you can find a drop box sitting in your ‘My Documents’ folder. This is your portal to your online sync and storage system. Anything that you chuck into it is very elegantly sent to the Dropbox site and to any colleagues or friends who you have opted to share the data with.

The web interface is pretty good. I really, really like the ability to recall past revisions of a document. Did someone go and delete or mess up your content? No worries, Dropbox has a copy stored away online for you to revert to.

Right now the service is still in beta, but you get 10 invites to give away upon account approval.

So go request your own invite and hopefully yours will arrive a bit quicker than mine. I didn’t think that the reality could live up to the demo I watched ages ago, but it does a fantastic job of doing everything it said it does.

Interesting Andrew 26 Jun 2008 47 Comments

Adobe Air apps

I haven’t kept up to date with Adobe Air and the plethora of new applications that are being released on the platform, but these two in particular caught my eye (enough to make me download and install Air, and then not uninstall it).

For time management check out:

And this little app is a lightweight (but very useful) image resizing tool.

Anyone else found some other nice apps I should try out?

Interesting Andrew 26 Jun 2008 28 Comments

Windows Dock - RocketDock


¬†Every now and then I find something that is absolutely awesome. My latest find that I’m already very attached to is RocketDock.

The team of two who made this deserve a huge congratulations and lots of money. Go and download and if you like it as much as I do make sure you support them in some way!

RocketDock is really lightweight, fast and very customisable. I would definitely check out the available skins and add-ons (I downloaded the Vista skin pack shown in the screenshot).

Interesting Andrew 23 May 2008 41 Comments

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